Silicon Aluminum Alloys(AlSi Alloys)

AlSi Alloy Raw Materials

  • Low density,controlled expansion alloy.Alloy content is from                                           12%Si-88%Al to 70%Si-30%Al.
  • CTE can be adjusted from 7ppm/°C to 20ppm/°C.
  • Can be machined to be any form of carriers and housings.

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    Silicon Aluminum Alloys(AlSi Alloys)

    AlSi Alloy Electronic Packaging

  • Low CTE,low density,high thermal conductivity.
  • High specific stiffness and hardness.
  • Can be machined to any form of carriers and housings.
  • Readily plateable and weldable.Plateable with gold, silver, copper,Nickel;weldable with base material.

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    Silicon Aluminum Alloys(AlSi Alloys)

    AlSi Alloy Auto Parts

  • Low density,only 1/3 weight of cast iron and steel.
  • High strength and good fracture toughness.
  • Excellent heat dissipation and wear-resistance.
  • High corrosion resistance in different media.
  • Low CTE,adjustable via Si content.
  • Environmentally friendly,non-toxic materials.
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    Super High Strength Aluminum Alloys

    Super High Strength Aluminum Alloy Products

  • Rapid solidification technology,grain size is within 10um-15um.
  • High performance in tensile strength,yield strength,elongation,wear-resistance,hardness and stress corrosion resistance.
  • No macro segregation,formation is homogeneous.
  • Meet customers’ requirements for high performance and cutting-edge products.
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    Company’s core products are silicon aluminum alloys(AlSi alloys) and super high strength aluminum alloys,including kinds of diversified products with different specifications,such as alloy raw materials,rods,pipes,plates,profiles etc,widely used in various state-of-the-art fields,such as aerospace,defense,automotive,chemistry,marine and oil industry etc.

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    Other Products & Services

    Precision Machining

  • Precision CNC machining equipment.
  • Precision components machining service.
  • CNC milling, drilling, tapping, turning etc.
  • Prototypes to production
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