Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is silicon-aluminum alloy(AlSi alloys)?

    Silicon-aluminum alloy(AlSi alloys) is a kind of binary alloy consisting of silicon and aluminum, in which the content of silicon ranges from 17% to 85%, its also called CE alloys in some countries.

  • What are the advantages of AlSi alloy?
    Which materials can AlSi alloy replace?
  • The applications of AlSi alloys
  • How to produce this alloy?

    Baienwei AlSi alloys are processed by rapid solidification technology, a further optimization on basis of spray forming process(also called spray deposition).

  • Can AlSi alloys be machined?

    Yes. All AlSi alloys can be machined easily, such as CNC, EDM, wire cutting etc.

  • Is there any porosity of AlSi alloys?

    None. Baienwei production method can remove all porosity.

  • Can AlSi alloys be electroplated?
  • Can AlSi alloys be welded?

    Yes. This alloy with the silicon below 60% can be successfully welded by TIG, MIG, laser and electron beam technology. For the alloy with higher content of silicon, other joining technologies can be adopted, e.g.: FSW, diffusion bonding or brazing. We can provide all customers with the secrets of technologies applied in these processes, and give the correct methods and instructions according to the specific application.

  • Which form of material can be provided?

    We can provide block, bar, pipe, plate, machined part, plated part and finished parts as customers’ requirements.