Electronic Packaging

RF/Microwave Packages and Carriers;T/R Modules
Aerospace Aircraft Electronic System
PCBs Baseplates;High Power Integrated Circuit Package
High Frequency Carriers and Hermetic Package
Power Electronic Devices(rectifier,thyristor,IGBT,power module,laser diode,microwave tubes)
Microelectronic Device(computer CPU,DSC chips)
High Light LED Wafers;Electronic Optical Frame
Satellite Station; Mobile Telecommunication System
Sensors Housings and Carriers
Laser System Carrier Plates,Heat Sinks,Lens


Structural Components
Heat Resistant Components

Measuring Instrument

Microwave/RF Assemblies

Optical Components

Machinery & Heavy Industry

Hydraulic System
Shock Absorber
Frame Parts

Automotive Industry

Engine Cylinder Liners & Pistons

Rotors and Vanes
Clutches & Gearbox Actuators
Turbochargers & Fuel Pumps
Hydraulics & Fasteners

Frame Components
Valves & Bearing Caps
Brake Callipers
Rocker Arms & Shock Absorbers
Wheel Components

Petroleum Industry
Geological Exploration
Oil Exploration