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As a large high-tech enterprise,Tianjin Baienwei New Material Technology Co.,Ltd successfully created a series of complete circular economy industrial chain with a collection of R&D,manufacture,sales and technical service of super high strength aluminum alloys and silicon aluminum alloys(AlSi Alloys). The company has an innovative, skilled and professional startup team.

Product Showcase

  1. AlSi Alloy Electronic Packaging

    AlSi Alloy Eletronic Packaging Housings:AlSi alloy can be used in substrates,housings,carriers and lids,which can prolong the working life of high power modules.

  2. AlSi Alloy Cylinder Liners

    AlSi Alloy Cylinder Liners:The good compatibility of thermophysical properties between AlSi cylinder liners and aluminum pistons could realize"no clearance cylinder"and "all-aluminum engine".

  3. AlSi Alloys

    AlSi Alloys:(Si content from 27%—70%).AlSi alloys have the characteristics such as low CTE,Low density,high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity.

  4. AlSi Alloy Auto Parts

    AlSi Alloy Auto Parts:Due to the low specific weight, high corrosion resistance and outstanding technological properties,AlSi alloys are regarded as an ideal material and widely used in automotive industry.

  5. AlSi Alloy Pistons

    AlSi Alloy Pistons: Due to its low CTE,high wear-resistance and volume stability,AlSi alloy has become the most ideal piston material.

  6. Superhard Aluminum Alloys

    Super high strength Aluminum Alloys:Baienwei superhard aluminum alloys not only have a greatly raised strength, but also have excellent toughness and corrosion resistance.

  7. AlSi Alloy Brake Discs

    AlSi Alloy Brake Discs:AlSi alloy has high temperature strength,heat stability and high abrasion resistance,widely used in pistons,cylinder liners and brake discs of tanks,motorcycles and cars.

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Company products are widely used in various high-end fields,such as aerospace,defense,automotive,chemistry,marine and oil industry etc.Baienwei has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System and National Military Standard(GJB).Baienwei offers exclusive and customized services according to customers’ industry attributes.